Dust collector SheMax Smart V-PRO mortise with filter (color: grey)


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Dust collector SheMax Smart V-PRO mortise with filter (color: grey)

Dust collector SheMax Smart V-PRO mortise with filter is a manicure dust collector that is ideally mounted in the work table of the manicure master. The main advantage of the new Smart V-PRO model is the curved shape of the lower part of the dust collector. In replacement of last year’s model with flat corners, we offer a new solution. Now it is much more convenient for the master to position his legs and not touch the dust collector.


  • Motor power: 60 W
  • Traction force: 4.4 m³/s
  • Centrifugal motor
  • Smart airflow
  • Quieter than all previous models and analogues
  • The filter is inserted on top of the table top, not under the table
  • Magnetic grille, easy to remove and clean
  • More dust capture
  • Speed controller
  • 5 cm lower than all previous models and analogues
  • Legroom under the countertop
  • Center height: 9,2 cm
  • Height under feet: 7,0 cm
  • Length: 37,0 cm
  • Working area: 19,0 cm x 26,6 cm

Operating rules and safe use:

  • Before switching on, you must install the filter
  • Switched on using a smooth switch or a button on the body
  • The dust collector turns on very smoothly, after 6 seconds
  • Shake out the filter after each client. Do not wet the filter
  • We recommend changing the filter every two months (at the rate of 6 clients per day). When replacing the filter, do not lean on the grille
  • It is forbidden to insert fingers or other objects into the protective grill while the fan is running

Country of origin: Ukraine
There is delivery and warranty service outside of Italy