Dust collector SheMax Style XS with filter (color: grey)


Color: grey

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Dust collector SheMax Style XS with filter (color: grey)

The SheMax company has released the most compact dust collector for manicure SheMax Style XS! The power of the new XS model has increased, but the dimensions have decreased!

Engineers have designed the small, compact, lightweight, powerful SheMax Style XS for nail technicians who have a small workspace, who work from home or travel to the client’s home.


  • Motor power: 26 W
  • Traction force: 3,2 m³/sес
  • Upper grill with magnets
  • The air flow is evenly distributed to the sides
  • Dust is collected in a filter that is easy to replace
  • Size: 27,5 x 17,8 x 7,0 cm
  • Weight: 0,818 kg
  • Cord length: 2,21 m

Operating rules and safe use:

  • Before switching on, you must install the filter
  • Switched on using a smooth switch or a button on the body
  • The dust collector turns on very smoothly, after 6 seconds
  • Shake out the filter after each client. Do not wet the filter
  • We recommend changing the filter every two months (at the rate of 6 clients per day). When replacing the filter, do not lean on the grille
  • It is forbidden to insert fingers or other objects into the protective grill while the fan is running

Country of origin: Ukraine
There is delivery and warranty service outside of Italy