Dust collector SheMax STYLE XS with filter


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The SheMax company has released the most compact dust collector for manicure SheMax STYLE XS !

SheMax engineers have developed a small, compact, lightweight, powerful SheMax STYLE XS for the manicurist who has a small workspace, who works from home or on a home visit!

– Motor power – 26 W
– Traction force – 3,2 m/sес
– Upper grill with magnets
– The air flow is evenly distributed to the sides
– Dust is collected in a filter that is easy to replace
– Height – 27,5 x 17,8 x 7,0 cm
– Weight – 0,818 kg
– Cord length – 2,21 m

– Dust collector must be dry. Always wipe the dust collector dry after disinfection.
– Clean the filter after each client
– Clean the filter only after the motor has come to a complete stop.
– Do not work on the dust collector without a filter
– The service center is accepted under warranty only in a branded SheMax box with a completed warranty card