Micro scissors for eyebrow Staleks PRO EXPERT 90 type 2 (15 mm)


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The EXPERT series is specially designed for professional use.

Micro scissors for eyebrow Staleks PRO EXPERT 90 type 2 (15 mm), article SE 90/2 are a professional tool for brow and lash masters, as well as for masters of manicure and cosmetology. Due to their diminutive size, they allow you to get to hard-to-reach places and do the job as accurately and efficiently as possible.

Features of micro scissors Staleks PRO EXPERT 90 type 2:
– increased view of the treated surface, due to unusual straight handles
– maneuverability and ease of use
– the ability to “approach” the eyebrow as close as possible, thanks to the convenient placement of the tool in the hand, due to the absence of rings for fingers
– blades without bending
– neat and precise cut thanks to professional hand sharpening
– “safe” blunt tips, preventing skin injury
– reduction of hand fatigue during work, thanks to the soft, easy movement of the scissors
– the possibility of long-term work, since straight handles without rings do not rub or press fingers
– stainless steel 40X13
– total length 120 mm
– length of working blades 15 mm


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