Nail drill bits for pedicure h130G


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“STANDARD – Combined” for the main processing of cracks on the heels. The taper part of the nozzle “reveals the edges of cracks”, and the lateral cylindrical part reduces coarse edges of the crack.

  • Intensive processing of cracks on the heels.

The nozzle of professional quality. Made from high quality medical grade stainless steel and composite abrasive heads.
Patented technology, reduces procedure time by 30 – 50%

The diameter of the shank 2.35 mm (3/32)
Tip length 50 … 53 mm
Recommended revolutions of 17,000 rpm
Abrasiveness is indicated by color (green – medium)
Subject to chemical disinfection with liquid and sterilization in preparations for flexible endoscopes (for example, Surfanios lemon fresh and Aniosept activ, ANIOS or CIDEX, ASP).

It is permissible to use preparations for softening callosities, keratinized skin. Moistening the treatment area with a spray or wet wipe will reduce heating and dust formation.