Pedicure stand for the table-top vacuum cleaner TERI TurboM/ TERI 800M/ TERI 600M (WITHOUT VACUUM CLEANER)


Color: white

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Thanks to the specially designed pedicure stand, the table-top vacuum cleaner TERI TurboM, TERI 800M and TERI 600M can be easily converted into pedicure hoods. The vacuum cleaner can be easily mounted and removed in a second, thanks to a specially designed reliable stainless steel mount.

The stands are stable thanks to the four stop points. The pedicure vacuum cleaners are securely fixed under the pillow, and the stand is firmly “on its feet.” You have nothing to worry about – just work with the client!


  • Height 55-90 cm
  • Pillow parameters: length 30 cm, width 15 cm, height 7 cm
  • Detachable legs
  • Stainless steel tube retains its excellent appearance, even with frequent use

Colors: gray, beige, blue, pink, red, cream, purple, black, white, mint, pistachio, brown.


beige, white, blue, cream, pistachio, gray, brown, mint, black, pink stone, red, violet