Set C10Mix d=10mm (4 different caps without base)


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Set C10Mix d=10mm (4 different caps without base) consists of 4 caps C10R (60 grit), C10G (80 grit), C10B (150 grit), C10S (180 grit). The set is designed for all stages of processing toes and heels:

  • Remove corns on toes C10R
  • Treat dry calluses on the little or under the fingers C10R
  • High speed processing of large rough skin C10R
  • Efficiently sand the skin around the nails with C10G
  • Remove skin growths C10G
  • Finish sanding of toes and heels C10B
  • Fine sanding of toes and heels C10S
  • Diameter of cap 10 mm
  • The recommended turns 20 000 rpm
  • Abrasiveness is indicated by color (red – large, green – medium, blue – fine, gray – super fine)

Pedicure system MULTIBOR professional quality. Lightweight, durable, optimally balanced. At high and very high speeds, it does not vibrate, does not bend.
The base is made of high quality medical stainless steel. The cap is made of hard plastic, perfectly holds its shape under load. The top layer of the cap is coated with a very sharp and hard alumina abrasive with a hardness of 9 units. Only diamond has more – 10 units.
The abrasive layer holds firmly to the cap on the composite bond
Patented technology reduces procedure time by 30 – 50%.
The cap can be chemically disinfected and sterilized in preparations for flexible endoscopes (e.g. Surfanios lemon fresh and Aniosept activ, ANIOS or CIDEX, ASP).

Made in Ukraine. This is not China!